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Watch the seconds tick for a moment - this is of course clock time, as time does not actually exist - we invented it. Every second is like a new "now" - and yet it is always NOW!










If you live to 70 that is 25,550 days - don't waste your days! Especially when you consider your present age and how many days you have seen come and go so far!


From "The Passionate Mind" by Joel Kramer ISBN 0938190121


"Much of what is called living is playing in memory, which is playing in the past and the future, playing with ambition and fear. So much of what I see is through a veil of images. When I look at you it's very difficult to see you. You flatter me or you insult me. If you flatter me, I like it. Even if I know you are flattering me and disapprove of it, secretly I like it. You insult me and I don't like it. When I approach you again I see you through the memory of flattery and/or insult, so I'm not in touch with you the living person, but rather with a memory of what you were. I approach you and respond to you out of that memory, which triggers response mechanisms in you, who have images of me. That is what's called relationship, which actually isn't real relationship at all, but rather images posturing in front of one another. When I relate to you through an image I have of you it is not you I am actually relating to, but rather with my own thoughts"

From "The Dalai Lama's Little Book of Inner Peace" ISBN 0007172850


"Our happiness comes from others. In this world, all qualities spring from preferring the wellbeing of others to our own, whereas frustrations, confusion, and pain result from selfish attitudes. By adopting an altruistic outlook and by treating others in the way they deserve, our own happiness is assured as a byproduct. We should realize that self-centeredness is the source of all suffering, and that thinking of others is the source of all happiness"

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