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Six Thinking Hats

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Breathing properly Happy Face

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Two Suits Scenario by Wayne Dyer

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How to Mind Map 50 Book Excerpts

50 Short Inspirational Book Excerpts


A to Z of Positive Words

Positive Words Sheet Uplifting Words Sheet Travel Checklist Mind Map 250 DTM Advert 33 Three Word Quotes Mind Map

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Calming Words Sheet

Happy Words Sheet

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Positive Words Sheet

Uplifting Words Sheet

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150 Life Changing Quotes E-Book


They vary in length; and each quote is presented on a single page, bordered by a light-green ivy vine.


If you spend time contemplating these quotes and return to them regularly you will eventually find inner peace.


Pages can be printed full size or as smaller card versions

First 25 Quotes Only Now is Real Mandala Only Now is Real Mandala Only Now is Real Mandala

FREE "Only Now is Real" Mandala


PDF Version contains description of Mandala


If you enjoy this Mandala there are four others available in a set or as singles

For Meditation/Contemplation

or Decoration

Chill out Mind Map

Chill out Mind Map

(suitable for all ages including adults)

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