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David Hawkins

Book excerpts


"Thinking and mentation is a dialog and an expression of duality. One can ask who or what is doing the thinking or for whose benefit. Who is the speaker and who is the listener?"


"Thinking proceeds from lack; its purpose is gain. In wholeness, nothing is lacking. All is complete, total, and whole. There is nothing to think about nor any motive to think. No questions arise and no answers are sought or needed. Totality is complete, totally fulfilling, with no incompleteness to process"


"There is a meditation we might call "What for?". When we note a desire, we can ask, "What for?" The answer is always..."And then I'll be happier". Thus, the locus of happiness is always something that is outside oneself and in the future. This results in viewing oneself as the victim of outer circumstances. This is also a projection of one's power. The possible source of happiness is actually coming from within. There is neither time nor locus of happiness other than at this very instant.


The true source of joy and happiness is the realization of one's existence in this very moment. The source of pleasure always comes from within even though it is occasioned by some external event or aquisition.


In any one instant of time, no such thing as a problem can exist. Unhappiness arises from going beyond the reality of the now and creating a story out of the past or the future which, because neither exists, has no reality"


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